May 11, 2019

Following the launch of this platform I decided to visit NYC and give back in the USA. I chose NYC because it is an extravagant place full of stories. Each year approximately 60 Million people visit the great city of New York. We have all seen a blockbuster movie featuring this remarkable place and seeing it in person just makes you smile.

Now the question remained… how was I going to give back in NYC? I wanted to do something different and highlight that the giving process can be interactive and fun. I have always wanted to watch a Broadway show in this Extravagant place. One of my friends performs in musicals and got me into appreciating the amazing talent and work it takes to present such a show.

Kids Gift Wraps

So, I reached out to multiple organizations and finally found one that helped me find a family that we could take to a Broadway show. I first met Jeanette Frazier through email exchanges and automatically sensed just how much she cares and values these kids. She works with over 400 students living in the Projects area and has made a difference in each one of their lives. She was very excited about that project and arranged the entire meeting.

Kids Drawing

I I bought tickets to Aladdin, the Broadway musical and was super excited for this. Upon landing in NYC, I was taken away by the bright lights, the extravagant street performances, the signs, the people, the New York accent, the subway system, the…everything. It was such a magical place. You can eat at a restaurant everyday for 30 years before you get a chance to visit every food place in this city… that is how busy it is in NYC. On the day of the show I was a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I left my place early and grabbed an amazing bagel at the local supermarket in Harlem, where I was staying.

I arrived at the theatre and waited to meet the family. Upon meeting the family, I was taken away at how excited and shy they were. But one issue I ran into was that they did not want to be on camera. I think it was a cultural reason and the concept of receiving help may be embarrassing to some.

I respected their request and proceeded with meeting some of the other kids Jeanette brought with her. They were not camera shy and we all had some fun. We waited in line to the sold-out show and proceeded inside. The family have never seen the inside of such an extravagant theatre and absolutely loved it. As the show began, I saw the wonderful smile on the kids faces as they watched the show.

Kids in classroom

This is what this whole project is about. The concept of giving doesn’t need to be voluntary or charity work. It can be interactive and a blast, hence why I decided to take the family to a musical show. The smile on their face was worth every moment of this trip to America.

Following the show, I said my goodbyes to the family. Jeanette invited me to come visit the school she works at and I agreed to visit the following week. When I visited Central Park East 2 school, I was blown away at how many students Jeanette knows by their names.

Literally it appeared as if she knew every students’ names. Following a tour of the school, I got a new appreciation for the work that Jeanette and her team do. She grew up in the Children’s Aid program herself and is now one of the top community directors for the organization. The world could use more people like Jeanette and the amazing work she does.

This drives me more everyday to continue reaching more countries and meet some of the wonderful humans out there that truly make a difference in others lives. In order for humanity to continue growing, it is imperative we thrive to work with the younger generation and guide them to a sustainable future.