United Kingdom

May 30, 2019

The United Kingdom (UK) – a place where historical stories flourish, empires created and destroyed, and literature which cannot be found anywhere else. The UK is famous for fish and chips, tea, Big Ben, Shakespeare, and let’s not forget, the Royal Family. Yet, like many other wealthy places in the world, there remains poverty and inequality. In the UK, there are over three hundred thousand homeless people roaming the streets. The UK is home to many international students who study at some of Europe’s most prestigious schools. .

Matt of the streets

Vit Soural is one of those international students. He is a full-time student attending university in London. Nina Storer who is a moderator for Nas Daily Global first told me about Vit Soural. Vit is a talented singer/songwriter. Each day, Matt would sit in front of this grocery store where Vit goes shopping. Without a doubt, he was homeless, and in need of help. Still, he never failed to be kind, and would at all times wish people a good day while chatting and laughing, but never asking for anything in return

At the time, Vit was a new student in London and while it took him months to get to know Matt, they hit it off. Until 2013, Matt had been earning a living as a chef in London. But due to his medical conditions, Matt was fired from his job and was left with no means of paying his bills. So inevitably, he joined the homeless population in London. Matt suffers from leg ulcers and because of his condition, he suffers from open wounds. Without proper treatment, his condition can be life-threatening. In 2018, Matt was hospitalized for three weeks. Vit decided to try and help Matt after seeing him helpless and unable to care for himself.

Vit and his roommate Alexi chose to produce a music video with the hope that it creates awareness, and to raise funds for Matt to get him on his feet. To Vit’s surprise, the music video has thousands of views and the Go-Fund-Me page has collected over 4000 pounds in support of Matt, and his story. Vit was able to change Matt’s life for the better. Vit and Alexi used the funds to get Matt a place to live and covered his medical and food expenses. Matt’s healing journey has begun, but it will take him years to heal from his wounds. Vit has given him another chance at life, all while Vit himself remains a full-time student.

Matt from UK

I decided to share this story with all of you because I remember being a full-time student myself. With all the stress from being a full-time student and also working, the last thing you want to think about is helping others. But Vit’s choice in changing Matt’s life took hours of work and dedication. Trust me, I can relate to this! I’m new to the video production side of the business and can appreciate the time and effort it takes to create thoughtful and creative content, let alone creating lyrics to a song and music for a video.

It takes a combined effort and action from all of us to make a difference in the world. Vit decided to change one life in a sustainable way and has taken steps to reduce the homeless population in London. One life at a time, we can create a reaction that can give many people a second chance at this unique journey we call life. Thank you for reading and hope to see you in the next country.

Special thanks to Vit Soural

Please visit his Youtube Channel @ Vit Soural

GoFundMe @Bring Matt off the Streets