December 23, 2021

Jaafer Khani

This is Europes youngest country claiming independence in February of 2008 from Serbia. Kosovo is breathtaking and tourism isn’t too popular in this country allowing a fully raw experience of the land and culture. The people of Kosovo are among the nicest and the country is full smiles. If this hasn’t convinced you to visit, may I also inform you that they have the best Macchiato in the world! Now I understand that this is a heavy statement, but it is true and you can google it if you like.

We only spend a short time in Kosovo, but it left a lasting impression on us. The country is breathtaking and I highly recommend driving through it. We were here to meet an incredible mother who lost her son to addiction and has since changed many lives due to the promise she made him. She promised him that she would save others like him that have faced addiction problems. That promise turned into a full-time commitment to her community and to this day she continues fighting for the youth who suffer from addiction. She is the definition of hope and has inspired us so much. If you are in Kosovo, make sure to check out the “Re-Life” center and say hello for us.

Kosovo Family

Jasi Toor

This is a country with incredible history and small towns filled with a wholesome family atmosphere. The landscape is breathtaking from end to end and there are many well-known landmarks for tourists.

It comes as no surprise that the country is filled with coffee shops and the culture is built around breaking bread at the dinner table. The people are wholesome and take care of one another. Kosovo is a country that will welcome you in with open arms so if you’re planning a visit, make sure to take in all aspects of it’s warm embrace.