September 19, 2019

This place is a must-see if you are looking for a vacation that will leave you with wonderful memories and lasting stories, all without breaking the bank. I landed in Bali, Indonesia late in the evening and went to a resort I was staying at for one night. My cab driver started heading towards my resort and I was exhausted from being on the road steady for the past month. One flight after another, I needed a place just to hang out for a little bit and Indonesia seemed like the perfect place. I got to my resort past midnight and ordered a snack and went to sleep.

As I enjoyed this timeless place, I asked the locals where I can give back and or help and they sent me to a small humble place outside Bali. I met Ketut, who’s an incredibly inspiring individual. He has been wheelchair-bound from birth and lives life to the fullest every day. With the help of others, he is the founder of the Shiny Pearl Ubud Foundation, an organization that helps install confidence in people with all ranges of disabilities. He founded the organization in 2014 and has since witnessed many others like him access new jobs, learn new talents, and gain vast skillsets.

Temple In Indonesia

The interesting name Shiny Pearl Ubud Foundation came from a unique proverb. “A pearl is created from timely improvements and support from its outside environment.” In translation, Ketut tells me that the value of a pearl comes from a collection of support over time. So when a shell is placed in the ocean, the surrounding environment provides nutrition to the shell which over time produces something of value. People with disabilities require outside support for a certain amount of time but can become self-sufficient and valuable contributors to society given the opportunity. He believes that accessibility, education, and employment are the keys to allow people with disabilities to live a purposeful and joyful life. The organization helps those who are in similar situations achieve their goals by giving them the confidence and resources they need.

Ketut views life in a manner that made me tear up during our interview. His views on life and the meanings it brings are beyond words. He looks at the human body as this shell we get places in at birth and everything we ever achieve and become is temporary concerning this shell we are given. Therefore, his outlook is that we must make the most of the conditions we are given despite the difficulties we face because we are only visitors and life passes. The rationality allows him to make the most of his days on earth and he tries to help those with similar disabilities to him. After our interview and a brief tour of the place, I walked away with chills running down my body. It was hard for me to grasp how someone can be so positive given his condition and here I was worrying about minuscule things.

I continued on my journey in Indonesia and all I could think about for the rest of the trip was Ketut’s outlook on life. He is truly an inspiration and if you find yourself in Indonesia make sure to check out his organization the Shiny Pearl Ubud Foundation