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If you are a traveller or even a first-time visitor to a country that we have not yet completed, then please contact us as we would love to collaborate with you! There are certain requirements and precautions that all participants must take. Requirements include: being comfortable and consenting to Vlogging the entire experience on camera and the country of choice must not have already been completed (See Completed Countries).

Give Back Globally will support participants in connecting with a community or organization in the area of your travels. Give Back Globally will also provide funding for the giving portion of your experience as we recognize travelling can get expensive. If you are interested, please contact us.”

Contact Us:

Briefly tell us a little about you, what country you are interested in giving back in, what ideas you have for giving back in that country, and why you want to do it! Together, we can reach every country together!

“You can spend your life travelling the globe but never really see the world. When we focus on experiencing countries, cities, and communities in their authentic form, never forgetting to lend a hand everywhere we go, then we get one step closer to truly being one big peaceful family. GBG gives you the chance to see travel through this lens, helping you realize that doing good for others enhances your own travel experiences and memories.”

Maha Hassanin

“Knowing that you are able to make one’s day and seeing the results of smiles and laughter is the most rewarding feeling. My experience volunteering for Give Back Globally will last a lifetime.”

Cuong Thai

“Travelling with GBG was incredible, to see the passion behind it all was very inspirational. GBG puts so much love into what they do, their focus to find where they can give back in each country is incredible. Nothing stops them, even when the original plan did not work out, they just find another organization that needs our help. It's amazing.”

Priscilla Banh