Costa Rica

May 19, 2021

COSTA RICA! On this adventure, I had the honor of having my close friends join me.

I managed to convince three good friends to join my Give Back to Costa Rica, right before the COVID-19 imposed restrictions and lockdown. For starters, this country is breathtaking and a must-visit destination. From its beautiful volcanoes to the miles of wonderful beach coastlines, it sure does leave you in awe. The thick rainforests are home to some of the most beautiful scenic vegetations and wildlife.

We first landed in Liberia, Costa Rica and rented a car to explore the wonderful country. Now if you plan to visit, keep in mind there are numerous toll roads and if you have a family, I recommend an SUV rental. Some of the roads are a slightly rougher than others and strong, confident driving skills are required on some exploratory backroads.

My friends and I initially planned our route from Liberia and worked our way to the capital San Jose. We decided to travel South to Jaco and loop back to Liberia, taking the coastal, scenic route. It was absolutely wondrous and admirable. Some of the key must-stop pit stops are the Cloud Forest and nearby volcanoes. The locals are friendly and are quick to offer help. Costa Rica by far has felt like one of the safest countries that I have had the privilege of visiting.

My friend and I engaged in usual tourist activities and we enjoyed every minute of it before embarking on our journey to San Jose. San Jose is a hot spot, anything you need can be found here. We mainly stopped here to connect with a contact I had reached out to prior to visiting Costa Rica.

Meet Adam Baker.

An awesome UK expat that has developed his life in Costa Rica and runs an awesome travel agency and charity organization. Adams travel agency is called Namu Travel . If you want an upscale trip planned for you, Namu Travel has you covered! Through his travel agency, Adam runs a charity organization called Tacos4Ticos which literally translates to football boots (Tacos) for (4) Costa Rican people (Ticos).

We decided to meet Adam at his office and collaborated alongside him to organize amazing equipment and materials that he had collected over the past few months. The intention was to distribute and donate various goods to local impoverished communities. In a particular community, Adam coach’s soccer to young children once a week. For these less fortunate children, he gathers and donates shoes, activity balls, gear, and other soccer items twice a year. My friends and I were fortunate enough to join Adam and his team on an adventure to donate to the kids and meet some of them.

What an inspiring highlight that experience was… the smiles on the children’s faces were indescribable. The overwhelming feeling of positivity and bliss within myself was unreal. We donated new soccer shoes, balls, and apparel amongst other items. Our donation consisted of items that North American’s normally take for granted but to these kids were over the moon! I was met with immense gratitude, despite donating soccer game necessities.

I conversed with a few local kids and they explained to me their struggles and described how hard life was growing up. Nevertheless, they had football (soccer) which never failed to cheer them up. Some children expressed dreams of becoming professional football players, while others shared different dreams. My friends and I played a couple games of football with the children and we shared an amazing afternoon. My experience was remarkable and will never be forgotten.

After that wonderful experience, we said our goodbyes and thanked Adam for all he does! He truly is an incredibly caring and generous man.

We continued South towards Jaco and spent a few days enjoying the beaches there. Then we worked our way up towards Tamarindo and spent a few more nights there before going back to Liberia.

Overall, Costa Rica will always be an unforgettable, memorable, and must-visit destination. If you do visit, please connect with Adam Baker!

Thank you, and do not forget to watch our highlight video and share!